5 Worst and Best Father’s Day Gifts
12 Jun 2019

5 Worst and Best Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is almost here and I’m pretty sure many of us forgot about it and are just now thinking of gift ideas. Looking back on it I’ve always been a lazy Father’s Day gift giver, probably because my dad was always okay with not getting much. But you know what I still got him things, even if they weren’t the greatest gifts ever. I mean it still counts if me and my siblings got him the same gift every year, right? The man likes to play golf. Who says he doesn’t need 500 golf balls?

I’ve made a list of the 5 best and worst Father’s Day gifts you can get your dad.

5) Worst: Novelty Items

Novelty gifts are terrible, but borderline awesome. Some gift ideas are so ridiculous you can’t help but laugh or appreciate them. Nonetheless novelty gifts are impractical and can be kind of useless. Anything with your dads face on it is just not practical to use around others. How about beer cologne or barbeque air fresheners? Funny but come on. Come on!

5) Best: World’s Best Dad

It may be a novelty item, but world’s best dad mugs or greatest dad ever t-shirts are classics! Funny and yet still practical. You can use these items in public and let’s be honest, even though you know dad knows it’s a gag gift, he appreciates it. Sometimes he needs to hear it once in a while.

4) Worst: Hygiene Equipment

Razors, nose hair trimmers, body wash, body spray and all other hygiene items are lazy gift ideas. Yes, we all know dad needs these things, but there are always better gift ideas.

4) Best: Electronics

Whether you know it or not, dads are still hip, where do you think you get your sense of style and swag from? Electronics are always a good gift idea, for anyone really. A 65” LED smart tv for the football games on Sunday would be great. How about Airpods for dad, he listens to music too you know.

3) Worst: Ties

Novelty or not, ties will forever be one of the worst gifts you can give dad. As a kid sometimes you think those bright ties that light up are cool, but your dad doesn’t want that. Even getting normal classic ties. How often does dad wear ties? How many ties does he already have?

3) Best: Things he actually likes

If you know your dad, why not just get him something he actually likes. It might even be cheap too. Maybe dads got a collection of music albums or movies. Buy the movies or albums he doesn’t have. My dad loves cashews and Reese’s candy. I always try to throw in some Reese’s candy or cashews to add some pizzazz to my gifts, or sometimes I’ll just get him like 5 bags of family size Reese’s pieces, why not?

2) Worst: Do it yourself projects

What’s a better gift to dad than something he can put together? “Hey dad here’s those shelves you’ve always wanted for your office, but it’s a DIY project since I know how much you like DIY projects. “Because yes, dad likes to get his gifts in pieces and not as a whole.

2) Best: Anything from the Heart

Dads are people too you know, anything that his children or even wife gives him that comes from the heart, he will appreciate. Think back to all those terrible drawing you did as a kid and how you pawned them off as gifts for you dad. He hung those pictures proudly in his office at work.

1) Worst: Useless Gadgets

Gadgets are cool, but all they really are, are expensive novelty items. Is a smart toothbrush that cost hundreds of dollars really worth it? Or how about Vacuum cleaner shoes? You might end up spending a lot of money on these items for dad to only use a couple times before he forgets about it.

1) Best: A Day with Dad

Cliché or not really? I say a day with dad is the best gift you can give him, and it could also be the cheapest. Taking a swim at the lake and a cookout by the lake afterwards? Picnics at the park, tossing the old pigskin around? How about home cooked meals topped off with Reese’s Pieces for dessert and movies afterward? Sounds like a great day to me

What are some of your best and worst Father’s Days presents you have gotten or given?

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